The Importance of Content Marketing

Digital Escape provides extensive keyword research with creative and effective content strategy based on the customer travel journey. We build custom content strategies based upon the hotels market segment and brand to amplifying their positioning in the marketplace and built to achieve the hotels goals and drive direct booking.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the art of creating, curating and distributing valuable content, combined with the science of measuring its impact on awareness, lead generation and customer acquisition.

Central to content marketing is the belief that if a hotel delivers consistent, helpful information to buyers at the right time, then prospects will ultimately reward the company with their purchase and loyalty.

Content Marketing can include:

  • eMail
  • Blogging
  • Posting and sharing on social media websites.
  • Resource page on your website with travel tips and guidance.


Why content marketing is important to hotels.

Hotels cannot rely upon typical hotel marketing such a basic information on the hotel only to win your share of voice and secure rankings.  You must include content across the customer travel journey.

The traveler is making their decision on a destination and hotel before they even pick up the phone and call the hotel or visit the hotel website as they plan their travel. Recent research show the average travel is looking at 140 web pages, over 20 websites, six weeks prior to them making a decision on which hotel to stay at.

By addressing common travel questions and inquiries with content marketing you will provide an authoritative, thought leader local advice. This type of helpful and conversational information will often help the traveler make their final travel decisions. Your hotel has the opportunity to become a trusted expert advice.

Other benefits include using a hotel content marketing program include:

  • Improve the awareness stage by having your hotel name appear when a traveler is in the travel research phase.
  • Deliver engaging content across all channels including email messages and social media posts.
  • Deliver engaging content with all phases of the travel funnel.
  • Becoming a trusted local expert.