eMail Tactics that Lift Conversions and Boost ROI

Its extensive audience and high ROI makes email the most effective marketing channel. However email’s effectiveness is a privilege, not a right. In order to realize the full potential of email, your marketing team needs to implement and continuously fine tune an email marketing strategy.  Digital Escape are experts in email marketing for hotels since 1999.

Timing and messaging, like any marketing activity is very important when it comes to email marketing success . The click-through rates (CTR) is as low as 2% some industries, one of the best ways to improve your results is by creating an email editorial calendar based on your local events, that are educational, targeted to the customer persona and occasional special offer.

    • There are two critical tactics and if used effective will assure your success.
    • Identifying the right audience.
    • Working out the best person or group of people to put the defined message in front of.
    • Who should receive an email from you today? How qualified are they?
    • Identifying the right message for the audience.