Local Search Unleashing Opportunities for All Businesses

According to a recent report by Google four out of five consumers use search engines to conduct local searches. However, many businesses have not claimed their listing, they have incorrect information, duplicate listings all which is a huge missed opportunity for the business.  We are Orlando SEO experts who can help you grow your local search marketing efforts.

  • It is critical to have your business listed correctly and consistently with the top 50 directories and local niche directories for your business.
  • It’s also important to get your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) on the major citation data aggregators.
  • Your NAP is important to be consistent on these directories and citation sites.
  • Discrepancies such as misspellings, abbreviations, wrong phone number, incorrect categories all impact Googles three pack and the Google Knowledge Panel.
  • Local search marketing is highly targeted and timely.
  • The local directories impact mobile search results.

Use our free tool to get an instant audit of your local directories and citations on the top 50 citation sites. Our local SEO scan tool will show you how accurate your citations are which is a major factor that holds you back from getting into the Google local three pack and local rankings.

Click on the below to get a FREE instant citation audit of your local listings! 

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Local Search Ranking Factors

Below are comparisons of the top factors for the Local Pack (left) and local organic ranking factors (right):

Source: Local Search Association 2017