Boosting Natural Search SEO Results with Proven Strategies and Tactics

The State of search engine optimization (SEO) is continuously shifting with the Google Algorithms and the consumer has many devices they use for search including watches, mobile and voice assistants.  Making natural search more complicated and requires an approach based on mapping the buyers journey and keyword intent.  We are a Orlando Florida based hotel digital marketing company since 1999.

  • Visit our Search Engine Optimization FAQ page to educate you on SEO
  • SEO will now be more about relevance and user intent. Learn about content marketing.
  • We now need to map the keywords with the customer buyer journey.
  • Google increasingly has been looking at why users have entered a query and what they want from it, rather than specific keywords.
  • The role of content marketing is even more important today. Be sure to visit out Content Marketing FAQ page to learn more!
  • We  provide our clients what the change was, potential impact and how we need to be proactive as a result of the change.

Our SEO Strategy Begins with Understanding the Brand Guidelines, Business Goals and Needs

  • Keyword research is the foundation of any digital strategy and we cluster keywords based on your market segments.
  • Each client is unique and the market segments they go after so we need to customize an approach based on the location, type of business, market segments, current online visibility, etc.
  • We need to adhere to the brand guidelines and create the overall online visibility.

How to Rank Higher and Capture First Page Rankings All Devices

A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is not a set it and forget it approach and each business must have a customized. A strong SEO strategy will help achieve results and develop your digital foot print. Take a look at our hotel digital marketing tips on how to rank higher in the search engines.  Learn more,

Customer Journey Mapping & Search Engine Optimization

Today, buyers are in control of the purchase process.  The customer journey mapping is the process of tracking and describing all the buying phases customers have as they encounter there purchase path.  Be sure to visit our Customer Journey Mapping FAQ page to learn more!

They choose how they move through the customer journey, where and when and how. Many studies show that 60% of buying process is done before ever reaching out to business.  That means businesses must anticipate what the buyer is thinking and doing at every stage in order to attract them to the website, and convert them into a lead or purchase.

There are four basic basic stages in the customer journey to purchase process. 

Awareness Stage

  • The buyer knows he has a problem or opportunity.  For example, they may have not decided on which destination they decided on, type of experience, exactly when they want to go, etc. and probably doesn’t know much about solutions that are available.
  • Example Content:  Home and Things to Do/Attractions page - Helps users become more familiar with your brand and value proposition.
  • Example Content: Facebook Page - Informational content usually meant to establish credibility and attract users searching for topics related to your products or services.

Interest Stage

  • They have clarified/defined their specific problem (or goal) and is beginning to look for and narrow down solution types.  For example, they decided on the type of destination, hotel star rating, what they want to do, etc.
  • Example Content: Photo Gallery/Guest Room Page - Describes what exactly you have to offer the prospect if they become your customer.
  • Example Content: Facebook Page - Looks at posts for inspiration of things to do and learn about the destination

Consideration Stage

  • At this stage, they identified the most appropriate solution category and is preparing to make a decision based on what they found online.  They will shop the hotels website, OTA's, Convention Bureau's, Travel Blogs, review sites, etc.
  • Example Content: All pages of your website - They are now considering your hotel and will begin to view all pages of your website for information and help them in their decision process.
  • Example Content: Facebook - They may go back to your Facebook page to look at reviews or message the hotel with additional questions they may have.

Conversion Stage

  • Once a hotel has been selected and they are ’now your customer, it’s up to you to earn future sales by delighting the customer with you customer service and experience. Doing so will turn them into an ambassador for your company.
  • Example Content:  Contact/Package page - Place calls to the hotel to book the room or review your package page to see what discount offers are available to them. 
  • Example Content: Booking Engine - Here they will make a reservation or check rates and then compare those rates with the OTA's.

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