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Paid Search Tips

It is a full time job to run the PPC campaign. Use these tips to dive into pay per click advertising, and remember it is something that requires your constant attention. If you don't have time to properly manage the campaign you will want to consider having a PPC management company handle the campaign.

  • Paid search is essential to compliment your organic rankings, drive conversions through the customer travel journey, generate brand reach and direct traffic when there’s high competition for a top organic ranking. It can allow your brand to compete for direct bookings when the OTA's are buying your brand name.
  • Focus on relevant keywords and Adgroups. Relevant keywords are not the same for every campaign it all depends on what you want to achieve for your campaign goals. Be sure to also use negative keywords. Negative keywords tell Google which keywords and phrases you don’t want to appear for helping you reduce wasted spend.
  • Think about who your target audience is and write specifically for them. For example, in the case of weddings, while the end user would be a female (the primary decision-maker), your keywords and landing page should reflect that audience.
  • Talk about what makes your hotel valuable and mention wedding promotions along with your brand promise. Structure your campaign and ad messaging around the hotels competitive advantage that resonates with searchers.  Write ad copy that entices searchers into further engagement, and throughout the customer travel journey based on searching for wedding venues.  Be sure to developed personas can help you understand your audience’s habits so that you are better equipped to create more effective ads that lead to higher conversion rates.
  • Increase bids at high priority times of year. There are some times of the year (like January and February when a bride will increase her search because of engagements during Christmas and Valentines Day.
  • For local searches, place locally relevant content in the ad copy and on landing pages. This will increase phone calls and visits to your location, and decrease the cost-per-acquisition. Create specific paid ad campaigns for each market served and leverage local- targeting options and ad messaging to build your search marketing strategy.
  • Paid search represents a bigger opportunity for traffic to your site on mobile compared to desktop, especially if ad extensions are present. Paid search captures more clicks on mobile due to the positioning of the ad, and where the participants’ eyes are naturally focused when the page loads. The top paid listings on mobile take up the majority of the available screen space and in many cases, the eye cannot be drawn to the organic listings without physically scrolling down.
  • Use AdWords features like day-parting. This allows you to define when you want your campaign to be active. Study your account to see when your peak sales times are, and high cost/low conversion times. Optimize your bids for time of day and day of week activity.
  • Bid higher for mobile devices: To automatically bid higher for impressions on mobile devices, set up mobile bid adjustments. That way your ads are more likely to appear on mobile devices.
  • Leverage ad extensions such as hotel amenities, gallery, promotions, etc. Extensions expand your ad with additional information giving people more reasons to choose your hotel.  There’s no cost to add extensions to your campaign, and according to Google, they typically increase an ad’s click-through-rate by several percentage points.
  • According to Google, "AdWords shows one or more extensions with your ad when it calculates that the extension (or combination of extensions) will improve your campaign performance, and when your Ad Rank is high enough for it to appear. Adding an extension won’t guarantee that it will show with your ad, but you can keep track of when your extensions are appearing on the Ad extensions tab."
  • Finally, test different styles, tones, promotional offers and ideas to see which ad copy works best with your target audience.

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