Social Media is a Ranking Signal and Part of the Assisted Conversion Funnel

Social media takes time and an investment of time in order to achieve results. It depends on the hotel, property type, location and market segments they want to go after.  We offer a variety of social media marketing services packages to fit any business need.

Visit our Social Media FAQ page to educate you on Social Media

Reviews of your business is becoming more of a critical role in the purchase funnel and how Google ranks your business in the Google three-pack.  Our social media experts work in real time, reading and amplify conversations and content to reach new customers.

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create positive conversations  about your brand.  Influencer marketing offers brands to build relationships through social media.  As online customer conversations continue to evolve, influencers are playing a critical role in creating relevant customer conversation and bringing trust for brands.

The Importance of Social Content Marketing

Digital Escape provides extensive keyword research with creative and effective content strategy based on the customer travel journey. We build custom content strategies based upon the hotels market segment and brand to amplifying their positioning in the marketplace and built to achieve the hotels goals and drive direct booking. Read more.



Before we make any social channel recommendations we have a conversation with the hotel to answer the following sample questions. Only then can we make a recommendation as to which are the most critical channels they should engage with:

  • What are the businesses social media strategy objectives?
  • What channels are your target audience using?
  • What channels are your competitors using?
  • What kinds of content do you want to create and resources?

Overall, we recommend Facebook for all businesses, as this channel is the most popular among all demographics.

Opportunities for All Businesses with Social Media Includes:

  • Reaching new potential customers.
  • Connecting with the customer (engage and interact with customers by responding to questions, comments and reviews in real time).
  • Social media is part of the assisted conversion funnel.
  • Social media is a SEO signal and this can help boost visibility and rankings.
  • Serving highly targeted ads for events, catering and last minute bookings can produce short-term results.

LinkedIn Example: Any business that relies on corporate or group business should engage with LinkedIn. A LinkedIn strategy can drive corporate awareness, sales leads and create an opportunity for the business to have monthly touch points with their clients.

Pinterest Example: If a hotel has a strong social market for weddings, Pinterest is a channel they should consider as the demographics fits this audience.

Instagram Example: If you have a boutique brand boutique-inspired hotel brand dedicated to creating inspiring experiences Instagram should be considered as a social channel.