What is Social Selling?

Social selling leverages your professional brand to fill your pipeline with the right people, insights and relationships.  Social selling is all about engagement, and if a prospect is willing to engage with you on social, you never know if it will result in a one-time purchase, or even a life-long corporate client.  Visit our Social Selling FAQ page to lean more about social selling!

Sales professionals who have incorporated social selling into their sales approach allows them to target better prospecting, establish rapport and trust through existing connections and networks, and builds the sales professional as a trusted expert resulting in more sales revenue production.

Benefits of social selling include:

Social Selling Training Webinar or Live Workshops Include:

1. What is social selling & updating your LinkedIn profiles.

  • What is social selling?
  • What is the Social Selling Index?
  • Each person will determine their social selling index.
  • We will put together in a spreadsheet and set benchmarks.
  • How to use LinkedIn with socially selling?
  • Building Your LinkedIn profile.

2.  Guide to Social Selling Best Practices with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Overview
  • Maximizing LinkedIn Navigator.
  • Getting Started.
  • Building Your Network.
  • Searching for Leads.
  • Account and Prospecting Research.
  • Prospecting Resources & Social Selling.

3.  “Hands-on” research with specific potential accounts

  • Using LinkedIn Advanced Search
  • Other Online Prospecting Resources
  • Useful Chrome/Firefox Extensions to help you enable social selling

4.  Social Selling with LinkedIn Groups

  • Selecting the right LinkedIn Groups.
  • Marketing with groups on LinkedIn with live examples.
  • Starting a discussion.
  • How to be active.
  • Share social selling success stories.